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In our August newsletter, we introduced our new faculty members.  After that publication, we are pleased to welcome additional faculty members teaching at Oakwood High School. 

We welcome Mrs. Rebecca Veneman to the Foreign Language Department.  Mrs. Veneman is our French I, French II and French II Honors teacher. 

We also welcome Mr. Matthew Deters to our Social Studies Department.   Mr. Deters teaches American Government, AP American Government and Comparative Government and Politics AP. 

Ms. Tanda Garner, a school based therapist (Master’s Degreed and Licensed) from South Community, Inc. Mental Health Services, is assigned to Oakwood Junior and Senior High School.  South Community Inc. is a recovery based mental health organization, believing in each person’s ability to recover from adversity by using challenging situations to learn new ways of behaving, coping and growing.  

This weekend is Homecoming and I always enjoy giving tours of the building to our alumni and seeing familiar faces as recent grads come home to visit friends and family. 

After giving the Class of 1964 a tour this past Saturday, I was reminded how important and meaningful their education at OHS was and continues to be. 

Their memories of band – when they attended in 1964 there were 45 students compared to almost 100 in our current band – reminded me of the growth our programs have achieved.  Their memories of wood shop, which is now engineering, reminded me of the changes we have made to meet the needs of our students. 

Their memories of throwing spitballs at other students and smoke bombs in vents reminded me that kids are kids.  Their laughter and stories told, as we walked these wonderful 90-year-old halls, reminded me that we never really feel older. 

The careers and experiences they shared with me reminded me that Oakwood really does prepare students for the future.  Their kindness and friendly nature reminded me how blessed I am to be working in such a caring and warm community. 

The pride the Class of 1964 exhibited as they stood in the “Pit” and pointed toward a banner that showed they were the first class to win a Boys Varsity Basketball SWBL title reminded me how important it is to recognize our students for their successes.

Go Lumberjacks and Jills!


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